Cannapaw Plus 300mg Pet CBD Oil

300mg Broad-spectrum CBD diluted in 30ml MCT oil designed to help pets feel more energetic, relaxed, reduce joint pain and inflammation. Perfect for your overanxious pet.

Cannapaw Plus includes added Terpenes and Bioflavonoids to enhance the Entourage effect.

Refer to the dosage calculator for recommended initial dosing.


Cannapaw Plus 300mg Pet CBD Oil

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7 reviews for Cannapaw Plus 300mg Pet CBD Oil

  1. Vicky

    I wanted to write this testimonial in the hope that it can also help other peoples pets. I put my dog Zephyr onto Cannabis. He has Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I cannot believe the difference it has made to his skin. we were at one stage taking him every month for the cancer to be removed. I even have the vets phoning me now to ask how he is doing because they haven’t seen him for a while. Thank you Cannaco for an awesome product.

  2. Arlene

    I have 3 dogs, 1 that had very bad flare ups of a red itchy rash on his belly and the other 2 have Hip Dysplasia since young puppies.

    They are all RAW fed and since giving them your CBD Oil my Ridgebacks allergy has completely gone and his belly is now covered in thick hair!!!
    He is like a puppy again and in a really good space🙂

  3. Shelly

    Cannapaw will help doggies with skin allergy.
    My Mia had issues with allergies.
    Vets tested many things but being over 100 tests i gave up.
    I started her on cannapaw and no more itchy and she doesn’t lick her tummy anymore.
    Very awesome product.

  4. Laura

    My 10 year old, Husky x Rottweiler has arthritis and the CBD oil has changed her life.
    She is playing and running around like a young puppy again.
    I can’t believe the difference in her! Thank you so much.

  5. Nicky

    “My 5 year old spaniel was diagnosed with arthritis. I was recommend to try CBD Oil for dogs. Wowowow!!! I cannot believe the difference in Bella in 7 days!!
    A BIG thank you to the Cannaco Team”

  6. Barbara

    Cannaco oil and the salve is helping my 11 year old Maltese who has cancer.
    The kindness and the service from Cannaco is amazing.

  7. Nichola

    Cannaco products are amazing!
    I have seen and experienced first hand how it had changed my 14 year old Siberian Husky who could not walk properly, who now runs and jumps and enjoys his walks again.
    All the products are absolutely amazing. Well done!

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