CBD oil for pets – are there side effects?

CBD oils have taken the world by storm, simply because their efficacy in treating many illnesses has been quite profound. The Veterinary industry, in particular, has found the benefits of CBD oils for pets, and in particular, our canine friends, to be numerous and it has widely gained acceptance as an alternate treatment to traditional medication.

Due to its origin from the cannabis plant, however, some are cautious, and the question is commonly asked: “Does it have side effects and if so, what are they?”

Understanding what it is

The short answer is that there may be side effects of some sort, dependant on the individual animal, but they are minimal and far outweighed by the great benefits. For those who need a little more convincing let’s take a step back and ensure that you understand what is harmful and why.

The 2 most common derivatives from the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. CBD is harmless, but THC is extremely harmful to animals and therefore normal marijuana should never be given to them. Good quality CBD oils contain 0% THC.

What the professionals think

One of the primary reasons CBD oil has become so popular in the treatment of animals is in fact due to its very low percentage of side effects as opposed to traditional medication which often has some severe ones.

A little more technical is this explanation from a well know veterinary publication – Veterinary news – “Most pharmaceuticals only stimulate upregulation or downregulation, making it possible to move body systems out of their normal or homeostatic state. Because CBD works toward homeostasis, it doesn’t do this, making unwanted side effects rare and giving CBD a good safety profile.”

What to watch out for

A common side effect is a little drowsiness or tiredness, but this is not a bad thing and encourages the animal to rest a little more. He or she will definitely not get ‘high’ as some mistakenly believe.

Report any instances of vomiting, diarrhoea, Itching or dizziness to your Vet as these are not common but could happen and also consult with them if you want to administer CBD oil simultaneously with traditional meds as there’s a chance it could counteract with them. Sometimes, however, it makes them more effective!

Stay with what’s safe

To ensure you choose the safest product, rest assured that Pet CBD Reviews stock only the finest CBD oils from entirely reputable sources. Talk to us about any concerns relating to CBD oil and let us put your mind at rest.

To both you and your best friends – stay safe and keep it natural!

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